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Deutsche Bank Forex Card Rates

Deutsche Bank is an industry recognised leader in the foreign exchange business. Our client centric approach helps us to serve the needs of our customers across the full product spectrum from basic liquidity provision in the spot market to innovative derivative solutions for . Exchange rates mentioned are indicative & are subject to change as required based on market fluctuations The final rate applicable unless mentioned will be the card rate prevailing at the time debit /credit to the account of the client HDFC BANK TREASURY FOREX CARD . Carry Currencies on your HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card while travelling internationally to protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuation & travel the world safely and smartly. my Forex Card is as good as cash I can’t lose” Travel the world safer and smarter, with HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card. HDFC Bank prepaid forex cards offer a safe, easy & cashless way to carry foreign currency on your travel abroad. Browse through our various types of forex cards suiting your travel requirements. Bank Buying Rate Bank Selling Rate TT Buying rate Bills Buying rate Currency notes Travel card Travelers cheques TT Selling rate Bills Selling rate Card rate will be applicable for all customer forex transactions at branches. 3. Card rates are for foreign currency conversion to INR. 4. PHP and MYR currencies are subject to market.

We have discontinued the Navigator Forex Card issuance w. Crafted with care and a host of privileges, the Navigator Forex Card in association with Axis Bank is the most convenient and secure way to carry currency overseas. With the Navigator Forex Card you can leave your worries about fraudulent usage of your card aside. The card comes with enhanced security of an Insurance Cover in case there is any liability on a lost card.

The insurance cover is provided upto INR 1,50, Please note: Claim documents should be sent to insurance company within 50 days from the date of intimation to Bank. This is a priced service provided by VISA. Click here for Visa toll free numbers.

Please refer to the schedule of charges for replacement card fees for international and domestic delivery.

Forex Rate

Deutsche Bank and Axis Bank shall not be liable for any delay, inability or loss of information in the transmission of alerts. Simply log on to your Navigator Card login using your card number as user id and login password, login password is available in your instant kit.

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  • You can view the following details online:. If you have loaded any other currency, the balance for that currency would not be shown at the ATM, you can use your online access to check the balance for all wallets. A protocol from Visa that lets you shop online securely with your Navigator Forex Card.

    Verified by Visa confirms your identity through simple check process when you make online purchases with the card. Note: If address mentioned on application form is different from passport as well as the one updated with Deutsche Bank, you need to provide new address proof.

    For refund of the card, you need to provide filled up refund form. Fees and Charges. For blocking of your card, you may contact any of our 24 x 7 International toll free numbers or the India paid number. This Navigator Forex Card is the property of Axis Bank and the complete ownership of the same lies with it. Click here for detailed terms. Sitemap Print Search Apply Now. Benefits Multiple Currency Accessibility.

    You can have multiple currencies loaded on a single plastic card. You need not carry multiple card plastics for each currency you spend in.

    Navigator Forex Card

    Each currency loaded on your card is known as a Wallet i. Worldwide Acceptance. Your Navigator Forex Card is accepted at over 28 million merchant outlets around the world that display the Visa signage.

    Your card can be used in department stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, airlines, petrol pumps, paying for customs duty and even when you travel from one place to another. Cashless Convenience.

    Exchange Rates

    Navigator Forex Card can be used to withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in. No longer queues to purchase money in different currencies in India for your oversea trip.

    Your card is an EMV Chip Card Europay, Mastercard and Visa, a global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards offering greater security when you transact. The microchip on the face of this card stores customer data in a secured manner, making it extremely difficult to copy.

    This advanced technology is more effective in preventing your card from being copied to produce counterfeit cards. For better acceptability across merchants, the EMV Cards will also contain a magnetic strip on the reverse of the card to ensure swipe transactions. However, we recommend that you use your EMV Chip Card only at merchant terminals with chip capability to avoid skimming frauds. Locked-in Exchange Rates.

    With the Navigator Forex Card, you will never have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates or unexpected fees since you lock in your exchange rate when you load the card. Insurance Coverage. Global Customer Assistance Service. Croma Offer. Internet Access Simply log on to your Navigator Card login using your card number as user id and login password, login password is available in your instant kit.

    You can view the following details online: Available balance. Transaction details. Transaction statement. For free registration, click here.

    If you are already registered, to login click here.

    Foreign Exchange

    Email id: deutsche. Offers Enjoy exciting offers on your Navigator Forex Card. This website uses cookies in order to improve user experience. If you close this box or continue browsing on this website, we will assume you agree with this.

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    At the time of purchase. At the time of reload. Passport Copy. Not required. Form A2. Not required only for same trip, else mandatory. Airline Ticket.

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