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Top Cryptos Investments 2019

The year was complicated for all the specialists that are working with cryptos – from developers till the platform operators and also the investors. What should we be ready for in ? What Bitcoin Price is to expect? We think, that the safest situation is with the Bitcoin, the top crypto of all time.

Blockchain Precious metals Technology. Matt Chuen. Looking back in recent history, it seems as though big investors and financial organizations are changing their attitudes towards Bitcoin and altcoins. The media coverage worldwide illuminated the vast returns being had in the best cryptocurrency markets, with many coins up over x since their conception.

This certainly has garnered the attention from both legacy and newcomer investors. Currently, everyone is waiting to see if cryptocurrencies can continue on their path to new all time highs. The media coverage of cryptocurrencies was nonstop, with news reports on financial programs almost daily. Even with the overall market pullback, many investors are still very bullish on cryptocurrencies going into Also Fidelity has announced a crypto support platform for their customers.

Even legendary Ivy league university Yale has announced a new million dollar investment fund geared towards cryptocurrency. With so much bullish news adding up rapidly, almost everyone seems to expect a very profitable year for crypto leading into While Bitcoin is still currently the market leader there are also some big name altcoins that expect to be a huge year for them. Before getting into cryptocurrency investing, let us go through the basic classes of cryptocurrencies that exist in the market.

While every class has the potential to have impressive returns, some coins have more impressive use cases and concepts, In addition to more qualified and funded development teams. Simply put, not all altcoins were created the same.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2019

These are the bottom tier altcoins that could possibly become worthless in the near future. Eventually, many fail to offer a fraction of their promised returns. One of the ways to identify these is to look at their team members, their past experiences, objectives of the project, probability of mass adoption, actual use of the coins and many more.

The reasons for their failure is usually because of unwillingness to work for the vision they once promised in the first place, bad wealth management, inclusion of scammers in their team, unrealistic expectation from the project and also making money via pump and dump schemes.

This makes their performance very limited as compared to other altcoins in the market. There are around of such good coins in the market that do offer a good objective for the project, a solid team with good experience to execute such tasks, a good marketing strategy to reach out to masses to share their ideas and quality contacts to make some good partnerships in the market. Their objectives are well defined with a solid team to execute their tasks perfectly. Along with that, their marketing teams are also well-qualified to make their ideas reach to the masses.

Because of such a wonderful blend, they are able to make better and stronger partnerships with a number of good companies. These are the top tier coins that provide the best functionalities. Also, due to a good PR team, they are able to make a very strong partnership with a lot of Fortune companies that give them an extra edge over rest of the projects in the market.

With more than cryptocurrencies out there in the crypto market, only a couple of them qualify to be a top tier investment. It can be quite the challenge to find a worthy project among the thousands of choices.

These next projects are some that show a lot of promise heading into An investor who is sane, smart and sensible will always look into the facts before he invests in any business or project. This is one of the most promising upcoming projects in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The broad overview of the coin is to offer an alternate and better evolutionary step beyond the basic monetary and banking system available today.

In short, it is a cryptocurrency that is backed by precious metals like gold and silver. According to the CEO of the company, Thomas Coughlin, the Kinesis coin is basically divisible units of allocated gold and silver which you can use as a currency. There will be two stable Kinesis coins in the market backed by Gold and Silver.

These stablecoins backed by the precious metals like Gold and Silver are real game changers as these 2 precious metals are definable stores of value for use in trade and investment in the real-world economies. The Kinesis coin is based on the Bespoke Blockchain Technology, a blockchain network forked off from the Stellar Blockchain Technology in order to suit the requirements of the Kinesis coin.

He has 15 years experience in the investment, funds management and capital markets. Apart from Thomas Coughlin, there are other great members in the team as well. Their team consists of people like:. Eric Maine, Chief Strategy Officer, having more than 30 years experience in Senior Management in the exchange and financial markets. Jai Bifulco, Chief Marketing Officer, having a full-fledged 12 years of experience in award-winning full-stack marketer in Finance.

He previously held roles of directors in multiple brokerages, consulting and Fintech sectors. There are more than 30 different team members in this project spanning their roles from The Executive Committee to the Advisory Board to the Operations and Development team. The coins are very limited in number as compared to other cryptocurrencies where the softcap is limited to just 15, KVT coins and HardCap is limited to , KVT coins.

With such a huge investment already deployed for the development of the project, there are still 30 more days left for the ICO sale period to end. Also, apart from the investments gained, the Kinesis cryptocurrency is also focusing much on the partnerships with the top companies in the industry.

Broad Overview — In simple layman terminology, Vechain is a supply chain protocol to track logistics inventory. It has successfully implemented blockchain technology in various sectors like agriculture and industries like luxury goods and liquor. They basically strive to solve real-life problems by providing solutions in various industries like:.

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The future potential of the VeChain cryptocurrency looks quite promising as the coin is signing new partnerships every month or so. Every single company with whom VeChain partnered has millions of customers that will use the VeChain technology embedded in their system. This makes the coin solve real-life problems and have mass adoption. VeChain indeed makes a big difference in the logistics business. However, stablecoins like Kinesis has a reward yield system that incentivizes its investors for holding, depositing and also referring new users.

Hence, the investors always stay on the benefit side even if the market collapses for a short duration. IOTA has the potential to make transactions easy. These machines can dispense the items without involving the associated transaction costs. Surprisingly, IOTA does not use the traditional Blockchain technology for its design and development.

The Tangle Technology deploys a mathematical concept called Directed Acyclic Graphs DAG which resolves both the scalability and transaction fees issues which we face in blockchain based cryptocurrencies. And adding to a note, this process removes the chances of mining and makes the system fully decentralized.

Keeping in mind the remarkable result of IOTA, there exists a promising scope for it in the near future in various applications and platforms. IOTA would be standing tall and different in the future world full of cryptocurrencies vulnerable to quantum computers. IOTA has a lot of companies that it is working with.

When viewed from a macro perspective, so far IOTA looks to be fee-less, scalable and fast which makes it next to perfect. In order to fill this gap of actually buying something from the street market and becoming the global currency, Kinesis has introduced its Kinesis Debit Cards that enables the Kinesis token holders to exchange their tokens against FIAT currency and simultaneously buy products from a grocery shop, something which IOTA fails to offer.

ICON is a network framework which has been designed to allow independent blockchains to interact with each other. It allows interconnected blockchain networks to participate in a decentralized system which converges at a central point. ICX token is built on the Ethereum blockchain network. ICON has developed a loop-chain platform that connects different blockchain communities through the ICON Republic which serves as the governing head for the Federation of other independent blockchain bodies.

C-Reps functions as the portals to the communities to establish a connection with Nexus. And this way the entire procedure is carried out. It is believed that ICON has plans to provide platforms to financial, security, insurance, healthcare, educational industries which can help them to carry transactions on a single network.

Best Cryptos to Invest in the Year 2019

Hence, the transaction speed greatly depends on the Ethereum network. However, to fill this gap, we have Kinesis Bespoke blockchain that offers a whopping speed of transactions per second.

This lightning fast speed keeps the Kinesis token way ahead than ICX token. Its typical users include content creators, game developers, and other members of the gaming community, who need to use virtual tokens to manage and trade virtual goods in the gaming world. It is used on a dedicated platform that is designed to support open-source software development kits SDKs , applications, plug-ins, and payment gateways.

As for its users, they will be able to efficiently participate in developing, launching, managing, and trade content and game-related products on the Enjin Network, without having to deal with the technical complexities.

The ENJ is expected to solve some performance issues in using similar cryptocurrencies on the market today, including payment frauds where goods are not actually delivered, slow transaction processes, lack of ownership of virtual goods, lack of transaction standards, and centralization problems.

According to its creators, the ENJ coin, which is based on a blockchain, will create a distributed, trustworthy, and secure framework where transactions can be executed smoothly and quickly with minimal transaction fees. Its autonomous and decentralized system will ensure that all offers and deals will be honored. Generally speaking, the Enjin Coin is good.

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  • It helps bring the benefits of blockchain to millions of people participating in the virtual goods market. Its creators are working hard to prevent fraud in the gaming world. However, it is still a relatively new project.

    Best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

    As such, it is still volatile. This means that you still have to take utmost care and be wise when using it. EOS is considered by many people who are participating in the virtual goods market as one of the best cryptocurrencies to use, supported by a powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. Basically, the EOS blockchain is used for the development, execution, and hosting of decentralized applications dApps that are traded virtually. IO and the EOS token.

    As for the latter, it is held instead of spent by the users to be able to become eligible of building, running, and trading apps, as well as using EOS network resources. While EOS still does not have an official full form, it supports all core functionalities to allow individuals and businesses to create and trade blockchain-based apps.

    While there are already a lot of cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum similar to it, the EOS system focuses on the critical and problematic points of the blockchain. Specifically, it attempts to solve the problems of scalability, speed, and flexibility that often cause transaction processes to slow down, which is a common issue in blockchain-based systems.

    According to its creators, EOS. IO could also address other problems that come with the ever-increasing size of the dApps ecosystem, such as limited availability of resources, constrained networks, spamming, false transactions, and limited computing power. It is said to be able to support thousands of commercial-scale dApps without hitting performance bottlenecks by using asynchronous communication methodologies and parallel execution across its network.

    The EOS system is very advanced.